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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My 1972 Impala Convertible........"The Brady Cruiser"

So........Does everyone remember "The Brady Bunch"? If so, you you remember that Mike on the show always had a rotation of convertibles out at every new season. This car here is the 1972 Impala Convertible with a 400 small block V8. Bobby Brady in an episode of the Brady Bunch but an umbrella through the vinyl roof at the outdoor movie theatre..........The had a 'robin egg' blue Impala on the show.

My mom got this car shown in the pictures as a new car in 1972, and it roughly current day had about 42,000 miles on it. The is by far my favorite car of all that you readers will soon see (more time for the blog!!!). As a child I can remember being a passenger and not being able to see over the dashboard and "Chevrolet" was a word very early in my vocabulary because that is what it said at eye level lap belted onto the vinyl bench seat.

More to come of this car including the restoration if received a few years ago. This is a true classic and the last year ever of the Impala Convertible.

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